We are a tree-growing company in Cape Town.
Become part of any of our initiatives and benefit the environment and your local animal welfare organisations.

Our full circle journey was sparked by EarthPet

EarthPet provides a better alternative of pet farewells in the industry, thanks to their environmentally-friendly Bio-Burial process.

The Bio-Burial is a respectful, closed composting process that contains and enhances the natural degradation process of pet remains, that ultimately results in clean, healthy, natural humus. We saw firsthand the positive effects of using the resulting humus in the EarthPet memorial garden, a place of calm to the grieving owner. We watched plants and trees thrive and it became clear to us that looking after trees was not only a wonderful way to give back to the environment but also a precious way to honour the memory of our pets.

This is why we decided to extend our tree initiative and to open it to anyone who cares about nature and animals.



An enclosed burial method with wood shavings for the remains of animals. The unique process speeds up the natural degradation process and protects the environment from pathogens and contaminants.



A clean humus is created once the bio-burial process has been completed, which can be safely discarded anywhere or used as a nutrient-rich compost. Many people choose to use this humus to nurture a memorial tree at home to celebrate the life of their pet and their contribution towards new life.


Growing Trees

We plant and care for many trees in the memorial garden and have created an initiative to distribute trees to where they are needed. We create opportunities where individuals or organisations can buy or sponsor trees and benefit the environment, while also donating to animal welfare. 


Creating Community

Through our tree-growing initiatives we aim to grow community awareness about the importance of trees, as well as creating vehicles that benefit pet welfare.


Animal Welfare

We directly donate to participating welfare institutions through our participating service partners. This could for example be dog food or medical care.


Buy or sponsor individual trees

You can choose from many available tree species to buy for yourself or to sponsor to the local community. A portion of the sale will go to a welfare institution of your choice in the form of dog or cat food supplied by our service partner.

Bulk requests for your nursery, property development project, estate, landscaping company etc.

Employ us to grow the trees you need for your business, by either choosing from our list of species or suggesting your own. We will grow and maintain your tree up to an age of 5 years.

By joining us you are making a positive change in the lives of shelter animals and beautifying our city.

We currently sell many trees species and for our tree in a box we have chosen: Celtis Africana, Sideroxylon inerme, Ficus Natalensis, Olea Europaea subsp. Africana and Vachellia Karroo. These trees are known for their fast growth rate, straight trunk and lush foliage, making them ideal for use in landscaping, reforestation and as an ornamental tree in gardens, parks, and nurseries. For bulk growing orders, you can request specific tree species and we will let you know if we are able to grow them.

We hope you'll join us in supporting the growth and preservation of trees and help with the welfare of animals.


Community Tree Project

If you want to donate towards trees for city beautification and other places trees are required, read more here.

Big 5 - Indigenous
Grow a Tree or a Bonsai From a Box

Congratulations on buying one of our boxed seed and germination kit products or receiving it as a wonderful gift. Let's make sure your seed germinates properly and your tree is set for lush growth, whether you are going to create a Bonsai or cultivate a big tree.